Neurosegno® marketing and communication design studio provides services in the fields of branding, advertising, social media, neuromarketing, web design, graphic design, video and photography. Neurosegno®’s founder Luca Ciccioni, bachelor magna cum laude in Media Studies and AM with highest honors in Advertising Communication and Strategic Design, is also in charge of marketing direction for Tuscia In Jazz Festival and La Spezia International Jazz Festival.

Know your interlocutor

Design in not only about how something looks like, but above all about how it works. The social media revolution changed forever the way consumers act in the markets, and a deep comprehension of this new world – both anthropological and technical -, as an aptitude to change, is indispensable for being competitive. But certain things never change, and while internet revolutionizes the consumptions, human beings are still clever chimps who take decisions according to unwitting and subliminal processes. The mission of Neurosegno® is there, right in the middle: combine a research for innovation with an intense aesthetic sensibility and a neuro-psychological approach to marketing.

Sublime subliminal

Humans essentially are highly evolved animals that perceive the world through brain’s biochemical reactions and are guided by unconscious behaviour patterns. Neurosegno®’s philosophy, modelled on neuromarketing principles, is just to understand these conditionings and use them to lead consumer’s buying habits. And so we choose colors on the strength of the response they’re able to stimulate in the autonomic nervous system, and we arrange graphic elements according to a forecast of optic chiasm reaction and saccadic movements, we know how mirror neurons may affect consumer’s behaviour and we build emotional engagement combining four pairs of primary emotions. All this just to get results in the most effective and efficient way.

Innovation as a constant

Finding new ways to communicate means following the world in its changes, because “panta rei”. Neurosegno®’s mission is then to comprehend where consumers want to be led and what are the most effective tools to motivate their engagement. We try to think in prospect to understand tomorrow’s needs, to keep up to date about technologies that drive the web and to create new solutions in response to old needs. Here we could talk about search engine optimization, social engagement, buzz, viral and guerrilla marketing, social media metrics and so on, but actually we prefer to keep it simple: the key is to understand the change and never stop thinking differently.

Less is more

We report a quotation by Bruno Munari.

«It’s easy to complicate things. Simplification is the real challenge. When you complicate you just have to add whatever you want: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, places stuffed with things. Anyone can complicate; but few are able to simplify. To simplify you need to subtract, and to subtract you have to know what you should subtract, like a sculptor that chiseling takes away from an unhewn rock all the stone in excess. In theory every rock could hide a wonderful sculpture, but how do you know where to stop taking away? Being able to remove means being able to distinguish the essence of things and to communicate them in their purity. And this process frees ourselves from time and ephemeral trends. An ancient chinese saying states: “You can’t say something with many words if you can’t say it with few.”»